Dhiraagu Ramadan Campaign Themes Around Appreciating Mothers

Similar to previous years, Dhiraagu has introduced a social theme for this year’s holy month of Ramadan as well. The Dhiraagu Ramadan Campaign 2023 wraps around the theme of showing appreciation to our mothers, celebrating them and further strengthening bonds and relationships with them. In line with this theme, Dhiraagu has released its first Ramadan film, named ‘Loabi’ which means love in the local language.

The film focuses on celebrating the special place mothers take up in our hearts and highlights the boundless love and care mothers pour into everything they do for their children. Set in A. A Thoddoo, the plot follows the story of a visually impaired boy and his sister as they try to recreate their mother’s beloved watermelon juice recipe when she is away.

Even though the siblings use the same ingredients and strictly follow the recipe they are never quite satisfied with the taste which differs from the original made by their mother. Through this, Dhiraagu captures the irreplaceable role played by mothers in our lives and stresses the importance of appreciating them, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dhiraagu is committed to delivering such strong social messages to the public through its innovative advertisements and campaigns. To watch Dhiraagu’s Ramadan short film, please head to the link mentioned here: https://youtu.be/5xPqjEBBLvM