The UNSG’s Special Envoy For The Ocean Pays A Courtesy Visit On The Special Envoy For Climate Change

On Monday, the United Nations Security General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, Peter Thomson paid a courtesy visit to the President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, Sabra Ibrahim Noordeen. The courtesy call took place at the President’s Office during the hours of 13th March 2023.

During the meeting, the two envoys discussed the recent multilateral progress made in ocean conservation and biodiversity and highlighted the Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution, the High Seas Treaty and the Global Biodiversity Framework. They also underscored the inextricable connection between oceans and climate change.

The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean was in the Maldives to attend the Conference on ‘Sustainable Ocean Management in the Maldives and the Indian Ocean’ which took place at Hotel Gen on 12th March 2023. The Conference was organized by the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of Sasakawa Peace Foundation in partnership with local NGO, Women and Democracy.

The President’s Envoy for Climate Change also partook in the conference held on Sunday. Delivering her address at the conference, Ms. Sabra emphasized the need for more engagement and awareness about the value of sustainability and marine conservation. The conference looked into the strides made by the Maldives in attaining a sustainable ocean and blue economy. It also delved deep into the challenges and future prospects for the nation as well as the East Indian Ocean.