Clique College Promises You A Genuine Learning Culture Like No Other!

Clique College is owned by Clique Associate Trainers and Consultants Private Limited. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the college was initially operating under the name ‘Clique Training Centre’. At its formation on 23rd October 2000, Clique College was merely a higher education institute. Because of their dedication and commitment in the higher education sector they were granted the ‘college’ status by the Department of Higher Education in the year 2009.

As the college marks their 20th Anniversary this year, presently, they are a fully-fledged, leading college in the Maldives duly committed to provide higher education of quality. The college’s main campus is situated in the capital, Male’ City. Nevertheless, they have outreach centers at the islands; Maafushi and Dhuvaafaaru and dream of opening centers in other remote areas of Maldives as one of their aim as a higher education center is to make higher education opportunities available for students from every corner of the Maldives.

Nowadays there are many programs that are conducted without maintaining minimum standards or maintaining the industry integrity and only focused on the business aspect, it is Clique College’s utmost priority to practice a genuine learning culture. In this regard, by the time a student successfully completes their studies, they would have earned a widely recognized certificate and be industry ready.

Mr. Mohamed Roshan who is the Business Development Manager at Clique College supports this statement further through his comment highlighting that “Academic integrity is fundamental to every facet of the scholarly process and is expected of Clique College in all its academic undertakings. Integrity includes strict adherence to academic honesty and of ethical conduct consistent with standards that respect the intellectual efforts of both oneself and others. Among the most important goals of graduate education is maintaining an environment of academic integrity and instilling in students a lifelong commitment to the academic honesty that is fundamental to good scholarship”.

(Mr. Mohamed Roshan - Business Development Manager at Clique College)

Clique College offers a broad range of local and international standard courses in the areas; Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Banking, Sports and Tourism. Most of their courses are offered through direct partnership with highly regarded international institutions such as The Association of Business Executives (UK), Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH,UK), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and SEGi University & Colleges of Malaysia. Thus, it is a gateway to achieve internationally recognized qualifications whilst remaining in your homeland. Students produced by Clique College perform exceptionally well at international exams, and often maintain a higher pass rate compared to the international pass rates.

One who chooses to pursue their higher education through Clique College is promised a vibrant and exciting student life with loads of activities throughout the academic year.

Clique College’s exemplary contribution to the education industry of Maldives has been recognized and celebrated at a national level with receiving the President’s National Award in the year 2009.

In further enhancing their current position, the college is focusing on strengthening their ties with specific industries and is expecting to provide internship opportunities to students who have lost their jobs or intending to start a fresh career. 

(Photos: Clique College)