SME Hub To Form A Waitlist For Leasing Of Kiosks In The Future

The SME Hub, designated for small & medium enterprises has announced the decision to form a waiting list to lease kiosks from the first floor of the 3-storey building.  Operated by the Business Centre Corporation (BCC), the SME Hub was inaugurated last year to provide a one-stop commercial outlet for local entrepreneurs.

Due to the high demand for kiosks located on the first floor, BCC has decided to formulate a waiting list for interested MSMEs. Therefore, renting of future kiosks will be determined by special consideration and preference given to the people on the waitlist. Once a kiosk is on rent, the tenant will be concluded via a draw among the parties on the list.

BCC has requested interested proponents meeting the set criteria to submit their forms online for their names to be put on the registry. In the case of a waitlisted applicant declining the opportunity to rent a kiosk, registered applicants will be asked to express interest in the kiosk. If more than one applicant has expressed interest, BCC will proceed with a draw and rent out the kiosk to the winning opponent.

19 fully equipped, state-of-the-art kiosks are already being operated on the first floor of the SME Hub. A myriad of different food vendors and local businesses are seen at the HUB including outlets selling various types of Maldivian delicacies and a book outlet. A dedicated stage area has been set up for performing arts and entertainment of local artisans and musicians as well.