HDC To Bring Big Changes To Roads By Assigning Specific Lanes

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced that it will be bringing changes to the road lanes of Hulhumale’ City. The decision came in line with the Transport Masterplan adopted in 2015 to provide residents and visitors to Hulhumale with a convenient transportation system. As such the corporation is currently undertaking the drafting of blueprints to split major roads into lanes.

Under this initiative, a designated lane would be given to buses and bicycles in addition to allocated lanes for cars and motorcycles. This would in turn bring great ease to settling populations in Hulhumale as well as upgrade the city roads to international standards and minimize traffic problems in the developing city. During the pilot phase of the project, the changes would be first observed in Nirolhu Magu and the road encircling Central Park. With this decision, it would be prohibited to park any vehicles on these two roads however, HDC will be facilitating more parking zones for residents near flats and houses in the near future.

The main roads in Hulhumale have a width of 13.2m and these key roads will be split into 4 lanes with each assigned a specific vehicle. The reason why a separate bicycle lane was included because bicycles are usually operated at low speeds which would pose problems for high-speed vehicles. As such a separate bicycle track would resolve such issues. HDC will also be drawing directional arrows on the roads to mark the lanes as well.