HDC Signs MoU with Mastercard to Obtain Membership of City Possible

On Tuesday, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading international payment solution provider, Mastercard. Under this MoU, HDC would be able to acquire membership in the global network, City Possible. The City Possible model brings cities, businesses, educational institutions and communities under one platform, facilitating innovative and sustainable urban development through its network.

Since its inception three years back, the City Possible Network has grown tremendously and now features 50 countries and over 300 cities and 600 communities worldwide. With the aim of bringing sustainable economic development and inclusive solutions to communities and cities alike, the City Possible provides a space for members to collaborate and co-create while working towards shared goals.

The joining of HDC to the City Possible network marks another milestone for the corporation which greatly aligns with its Smart City project. By becoming a member HDC can gain expert knowledge and insight into other smart solutions implemented in world-class cities and study the feasibility of such solutions in a city such as Hulhumale. Moreover, it can aid in identifying barriers hindering the master plan of Hulhumale and finding innovative solutions to deliver sustainable development to the city.

Under its vision of becoming a smart city, HDC introduced the SmartCom brand last year and has been initiating many efforts under the brand. This includes building a strong, resilient open-access network, stepping up digital infrastructure and launching different digital solutions for the convenience of the residents of Hulhumale.