The President Encourages More Youth To Join the Culinary Industry of Maldives

On Saturday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attended the first edition of the ‘CGM Chefs Awards’ presented by the Chefs’ Guild of Maldives (CGM). The awards serve to recognize the exceptional talents in the Maldivian culinary industry and acknowledge their services. First Lady Fazna Ahmed also attended the ceremony together with the President.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President highlighted on the key roles chefs and other culinary artists can play in presenting and promoting local flavours on the international stage. He added that by putting into use innovative skills and ideas, the rich Maldivian cuisine can be showcased on the global stage. He also noted that the field of culinary arts is a productive career path for employees and urged more youth to join the industry, stating that the culinary world must always be ready to cater to more demand.