BML Successfully Concludes Financial Journalism Workshop

Bank of Maldives (BML) partnered with Maldives Media Council (MMC) to host the financial journalism workshop yesterday. The workshop took place at Manhattan Business Hotel in Male’ City and saw 25 participants including journalists and members of the Maldives Media Council.

The workshop was held divided into 5 sessions focusing on different themes and aspects. During the workshop, the integral role played by banks in the economy was highlighted and the bank standards when issuing loans were shared with the participants. In addition to this, journalists were also informed about the evolution and growth of digital banking as well. Moreover, the facilitators taught journalists how to analyze and evaluate financial analysis reports and write press on them.

Apart from this, the workshop also reflected on the crucial work done by financial institutions to halt money laundering and terrorism financing. Besides this, the current growing problem of fraudulent money scams was brought to the notice of participants and they were informed about techniques used by scammers and what precautions should individuals take against scam callers. In this regard, the bank also shared its efforts to protect customers from fraudulent scams.

The workshop concluded with the attendees gaining invaluable knowledge on financial journalism and the role played by banks in different situations.