The Golden Jubilee Reef Health Assessment Photo Shoot Out Competition Has Commenced

Yesterday, the Reef Health Assessment Photo Shoot Out Competition commenced in the Maldives. Titled ‘The Maldives 50 Best Sites’ the event is part of the Golden Jubilee Year of Tourism activities planned by the Ministry of Tourism for this year. The photo competition is held in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Dhiraagu and Ocean Geographic as well as the Maldives Alliance of Dive Operators (MADO). The photo shoot out will be taking place at 50 pre-selected dive sites in the Maldives till 15th December 2022.

The event marks the beginning of an annual event, aimed to provide a routine health check on Maldivian reefs through photos. As such, the government of the Maldives can drive conservation efforts for coral reefs in vulnerability while still showcasing the natural underwater beauty of the Maldives. In the photo shoot, both visitors and local divers will be snapping shots of reefs in 50 signature dive sites of the Maldives.

A portfolio of 5 pictures is to be submitted by each participant, aligning with the criteria given by the Ministry of Tourism. Once the photo-shoot out is completed, an international panel of judges will evaluate the photos and select the winner, runner-up and three honourable mentions for each of the 50 dive sites. The participants will also be awarded a certificate of Achievement for their contribution to the Coral Reef Health Assessment of the Maldives.

Regarding Dhiraagu’s partnership, the company stated that it is committed to supporting initiatives aimed at conserving the oceans and the environment which is a key element of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.