MIFCO Opens An Outlet In Hulhumale’ Phase 2

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd (MIFCO) opens their fourth outlet in the newly urbanized area of Hulhumale’ Phase 2. The outlet was officially inaugurated by Chairman of MIFCO, Hussain Amru and Parliament Member of Hulhumale’, Ali Niyaz.

Located on the ground floor of the 2nd tower of Hiya flats, the MIFCO outlet was opened with the vision of catering for the large populations that has shifted to the Phase 2. In addition to this, the outlet also serves the wider objective of making MIFCO’s products more accessible to the general public making it more convenient for the residents of phase 2

While speaking about the opening, Chief Executive Office of MIFCO, Ismail Fauzee stated that brand-new products are in the pipeline for introduction at the moment. He added that in the near future, the developments will be complete and fresh products will be released into the market.

As part of the opening occasion, a special tasting event was conducted at the outlet. Head Chef of MIFCO, Naheez Abdul Gafoor whipped up different delicacies using well-loved products and the newly introduced product to the MIFCO lineup, ‘Dried Kandumas Chunks’.

Customers can now gain access to a wide variety of products at the outlet including ready-made packed foods such as ‘Kulhimas’ as well. Like all other MIFCO outlets, the one in Hulhumale’ phase 2 will also be open every day from morning 8:00am to night 10:00pm.