Enjoy 10% Off On The Well Woman & Well Male Health Screening Packages At TTH

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) announced that they are now offering exclusive discounts from their Well Woman and Well Male health screening packages. These time-limited rates will extend from September 15th to October 15th and offers guests a generous discount of 10% from their packages.

Health screening can help detect and diagnose medical problems in earlier stages allowing treatment to begin promptly soon afterwards. Early diagnosis can reduce the compromise on quality of life and help save up on medical costs. Moreover, even if no complications are seen, a regular health checkup can reassure you about your health.

1. Well Male Package
Comprised of comprehensive tests, this package aims to detect the most common illness among men. This includes clinical examinations as listed below.

  1. Radiology investigations: Chest X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen
  2. ·      2.OPD consultations: Nutritional screening by dietician and consultation by doctor.
    ·      3.Laboratory tests: Blood Group Test, ESR, TSH, PSA, Urine Analysis, Deficiency Screen Qualitative, Fasting Blood Sugar and etc.
    2. Well Woman Package
    Similar to the Well Male Package, this package also constitutes of comprehensive tests but target various health conditions that may develop at different stages of a woman’s lifecycle. Therefore, two sub packages are featured under this package.

    • Well Woman Package (18-34 years)
    • This package comprises of general clinical examinations reviewing medical history, physical examination, BMI, Blood Pressure and Vision test.

      1. Radiology investigations: Chest X-ray, Ultrasound of Pelvis and Breast
      2. OPD consultations: Nutritional screening by dietician and consultation by doctor.
      3. Laboratory tests: Fasting Blood Sugar, Urine Analysis, TSH, Creatine, HIV, Syphilis Antibody, Vitamin D, Calcium and etc.


      • Well Woman Package (35+ years)
      • Apart from the clinical investigations and examinations listed in the 18-34 package, the 35+ package will include a cardiac assessment of ECG. Moreover, the laboratory investigations will be more extensive with the inclusion of Lipid Profile, Liver Profile and more.

        To get further information about the package details head to: http://www.treetophospital.com/health-screening