International Day of Peace 2020: Shaping Peace Together

September 21st was declared as the ‘International Day of Peace’ in 1981, by the unanimous decision of the General Assembly by a resolution and has been annually celebrated worldwide, since then. In 2001, after two decades, another unanimous decision was reached by the General Assembly for devoting the day to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. Every year, a different theme designated for the day. The theme for this year is “Shaping Peace Together”


We celebrate the International Day of Peace 2020 amidst the health hazard, COVID-19. Minster for Foreign Affairs of Maldives, Mr. Abdulla Shahid, shares the same sentiments on the occasion. He stressed that we were currently facing a crucial time “at the crossroads between a changing planet and new and emerging threats to international peace and security.”


The goal today should be choosing compassion, kindness and hope. Help countries in need. Help countries recover. It is crystal clear that on this year, specifically, that our enemy is not another nation but a deadly virus threating out health and way of life. The pandemic has fueled both economic and social tensions in conflict or post-conflict situations, with serious implications for the most vulnerable populations, such as Maldives.

Yet, we, Maldivians, have firm belief in ideals of a rules based and inclusive multilateral system built upon the principles of state sovereignty and equality of all States. Maldives will continue to participate meaningfully, contribute constructively and remain a trustworthy and dependable nation for all others.