Tree Top Hospital Introduces New Health Care Packages

To lead a healthy lifestyle, regular health screening is equally important. In doing so, early detection and diagnosis of diseases can be carried out and even if no issues come up, it can reassure you that the lifestyle you are following is healthy. In the case of complications, regular health checkups and active identification is necessary to begin early treatment. Moreover, early diagnosis can reduce the compromise on quality of life and help save up on medical costs.
To cater for these needs, Tree Top Hospital has expanded their healthcare packages with new and improved screening packages available now. The packages are designed to assess the overall health of the individual while still pin-pointing risk factors that will help prevent future complications.
Have a look at some of the health screening packages offered by the hospital.
1.   Well Male Package
Comprised of comprehensive tests, this package aims to detect the most common illness among men.
2.   Well Woman Package
Similar to the Well Male Package, this package also constitutes of comprehensive tests but target various health conditions that may develop at different stages of a woman’s lifecycle. Therefore, two sub packages are featured under this package. One is suitable for women of ages 18-34 while the other is ideal for women of ages 35 and above.
3.   Healthy Living Package
Under this package there are two options. Either to go forward with the Basic Package or opt for the more Advanced Package. Patients choosing any of the options will get access to a broad range of services including laboratory investigations.
4.   Heart Screening Package
In recent years, death caused by cardiovascular diseases have prevailed among the Maldivian society. With risk growing, TTH is offering expertise diagnosis, treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases through a comprehensive array of investigations. These investigations will be conducted by experienced and trained cardiologists of TTH.
Patients can either take up the Healthy Heart package or the Strong Heart package featuring clinical examinations, OPD consultations, Diagnostics and Laboratory investigations as well.
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