Horizon Fisheries Introduces New Products To The Market

Horizon Fisheries has expanded their product line with new and more exciting flavours coming to the market to thrill your taste buds. The new products were introduced at the Maldives Marine Expo 2022 Product Launching event, that was held last weekend. Under the house brand “Maandhoo Mas” the two new products introduced include variants of the Mas-Huni cans that are available at their outlets.

Designed for people who enjoy a light-spiciness in their foods, Horizon has unveiled the “Zero Chilli” Mas-Huni cans, ensuring that customers can take their meals without worrying about the chillies. In contrast to this product, the “Extra Spicy” Mas-Huni will be exceptionally spicy, giving the chance for the bold and adventurous enthusiasts to experience the true spiciness of Maldivian chillies.

Horizon Fisheries stated that these products aim to cater for all customers, by ensuring that there is a preferred choice of Mas-Huni can for everyone. Mas-Huni being a popular and well-loved Maldivian breakfast item, the company found it fit to expand their products in this line and make them easily accessible to all Maldivians as well.

Since its inception on 16th September 2003, Horizon Fisheries have grown and expanded their services exponentially and is currently the leading fish processing and fish exporter in the Maldives. The company is dedicated to deliver high quality tuna products by sustainable means without losing the integral traditional element of fishing.

With clients all over the world including in countries lik Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Australia and Indonesia, Horizon is committed to improve its services. Marketing under the house brand “Maandhoo Mas” they supply to many international resort brands in the Maldives as well and owns the Maandhoo Fisheries Complex in Laamu Atoll.