MTCC Finishes Construction Of Ferry Hut In H.A.Uligamu

Today, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) announced that they have finished the construction of H.A. Uligamu Ferry Hut. The Ferry Hut is part of the Ferry Stop that is being developed at the island and is part of the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) in Zone 1.

The Ferry Stop will feature a kiosk along with a spacious waiting area and a universal set of toilets. High-speed ferry services have already commenced in the atolls and is part of the Government’s plan to establish a RTL network in the Maldives.

The RTL network facilitates ferry services to ease transport between islands and comes at affordable prices. They are also quite spacious and are air-conditioned to create a pleasant ambience for all passengers. Special arrangements are made to cater for the needs of disabled people making the ferries accessible as well.

The Raajje Transport Link is a government vision to connect all islands in the Maldives via land and sea by delivering quality bus and ferry services. MTCC is the implementing company for this project and strives to accomplish this vision as soon as possible paving way for an integrated transport network in the nation.