STO Introduces Matex Nippon Paint To The Maldives

On Thursday, State Trading Organisation (STO) Construction solutions introduced a new range of paint in the Maldives. The “Nippon Matex” range was launched at a ceremony by Managing director and Chief Executive Officer of STO, Hussain Amru Mohamed Rasheed along with Nippon Paints Business Development and Exports Senior Manager, Henry Ang.

With affordable prices, the Matex paint will feature in two litres namely 7litres and 20litres. In addition to this, the paint is fungal resistant and provides excellent coverage with exceptional hiding power. Like all other Nippon paints, Matex paints will not require mixing and can be used instantaneously to give your home a new makeover.

As it is an emulsion paint, the painting process will be easier and less time-consuming making it an ideal option for home renovation projects. Designed to adhere to surfaces of cement, concrete, ceiling and plaster, the paint will give off a matt look when finished.

The newly introduced water-based paint is even safe, with no presence of lead or mercury in its composition. Currently, Nippon Matex range in Maldives will only feature the colours of “shades of white”.

Founded in 1955, Nippon Paint is a Japanese paint products manufacturing company and is ranked as the fourth largest paint manufacturer in the world. They are renowned as suppliers of high quality paint with a strong emphasis given to innovation and eco-friendliness.