The US Government Donates 99,000+ Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines To The Maldives

On Monday, The US government donated 99,450 doses of Covid-19 MRNA vaccines to the Ministry of Health of the Maldives. The handing over ceremony was held yesterday, with Minister of Health, Ahmed Naseem officially receiving the doses from the US Government.

The Covid-19 MRNA vaccine doses are of Pfizer-BioNTech type and are made by using the latest technology in the market. Other MRNA vaccines include Moderna and Arcturus. MRNA vaccines function by teaching cells to produce a protein that will trigger immune responses in the body and has been used in the protection of various diseases including Covid-19.

With this generous donation, the total donations from the USAID will reach 639,990. The US Mission to Maldives stated that they are committed in seeing all Maldivians protected and boosted against severe ailments like the Covid-19 and is continuously striving to bring an end to the pandemic. During the beginning of the pandemic, USAID has also assisted the Maldives by providing a donation of $7 million and even gifted 60 ventilators.