STO Has Launched Its Back To School Promotion With Exciting Prizes Given To 6 Lucky Winners!

On Sunday, State Trading Organisation (STO) has launched its Back-To-School promotion, with the event extending till the end of this month. STO People’s Choice and other regional stores will also be participating in this event hence, customers can shop from any of the STO stores and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

Purchase the very popular product among school children, Devondale milk to take part in the lucky draw. The STO imported item, Happy Cow Cheese is another purchase that will get you in the lucky draw or you can opt to buy the Ivy brand milk. For each retail and wholesale purchase of these products, customers will be presented with a coupon,which they will fill and put into the lucky draw box.

Once the promotion ends 3 lucky winners from both retail and wholesale customers will be selected. The 3rd retail winner will be gifted with an Asrafee Bookshop gift voucher worth MVR 1500. The 2nd retail winner will receive a gift voucher from Peek-a-Boo worth MVR 2500. The 1st retail winner will be presented with a MVR 5000 gift voucher from Peek-a-Boo.

As for the wholesale winners, the 3rd winner will be awarded with a Russel Hobbs brand electric water kettle as well as a Russel Hobbs microwave. The 2nd winner will also receive the water kettle and the microwave but will get an additional pressure cooker from the same band. The 1st winner will get a 237 litre capacity chest freezer.

Apart from the promotion, STO will be giving out Devondale branded mugs for each purchase of 1 litre Devondale milk packet and Devondale milk powder. Since these are limited edition mugs, the event will extend until the stock is empty.