MTCC’s RTL Bus Services Commence In Designated Islands Across The Country

On Sunday, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has expanded its Raajje Transport Link (RTL) with bus services commencing in several islands across the country. These islands include Addu City, Fuvamulah City, L.Gan and connected islands along with L.Isdhoo and L.Kalaidhoo.

All the buses brought by MTCC has already been taken to the selected islands with two buses each transported to L.Isdhoo and L.Kalaidhoo. Four buses for L.Gan and connected islands and the same number was taken to Fuvamulah City as well. The greatest number of buses were sent to Addu City with 13 buses set to provide bus services.

In order to expand the RTL service, MTCC brought 41 branded high quality new buses earlier this year. These buses are both appropriate in size and space for transport along various roads in the islands. The buses also come fully equipped with air-conditioning and can cater for up to 20 people in one ride. The buses are also designed to make transport as convenient as possible by providing a pleasant ambience.

Even though, the bus services began yesterday, the current rides are for testing the different routes in the islands and the services will officially commence from 14th August onwards. Till this date, all buses can be ridden free of charge and will be even free for school children, elderly above ages 65 and children below ages of 3 when formal rides start.

For further  information regarding the bus services and route maps, please visit the MTCC website or

The RTL is a government vision to connect all islands in the Maldvies via land and sea by delivering quality bus and ferry services. MTCC is the implementing company for this project and strives to accomplish this vision as soon as possible.