Dhiraagu Joins With Clique College To Pose As The Digital Partner At ICTSR 2022

Dhiraagu has taken up on the offer to be the Digital Partner at the International Conference on Tourism and Socical Research (ICTSR) 2022 held from the 2nd of August to 5th August in AA.Ukulhas.

The conference is organized by Clique College and is co-hosted by two top universities in the world namely Curtin University in Australia and Nottingham Trent University in United Kingdom.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Rethinking Tourism, Hospitality and Events for a Better Future” and explores how international tourism and hospitality can be re-constructed post the covid-19 pandemic.

The conference will be attended by experts from tourism and hospitality backgrounds, including policy-makers, academics and big names in the industry. These professionals will provide useful insights into the current barriers in the industry and propose ways to progress towards a more resilient global tourism network. They will also be sharing valuable stories, case studies and ongoing researches targeted at the industry.

This year marks the golden jubilee of tourism in the Maldives and as the transformational partner for the hospitality industry, Dhiraagu is dedicated to further enrich the industry by participating in events and initiatives targeted to improve the Hospitality of the Maldives.