Brace For Torrential Rains And Rough Seas As The Southwest Monsoon Reaches Its Peak

On Saturday, Maldives Meteorological Service (Met Service) announced that the Southwest Monsoon has become particularly strong over the Maldives region with the next three days bringing the full brunt of the monsoon onboard. The statement that was issued yesterday said that torrential rains and thunderstorms are expected all across the country for the coming three days.

The heavy rains and thunderstorms will be accompanied by strong winds and stormy seas and will be more vigorous in the central and northern atolls. There is an equal possibility of experiencing wave surges in these atolls during the same period as well.

Met Service advised all sea-travelers to take safety precautions while travelling in this harsh weather. A white alert was announced over the whole country yesterday and have been extended till this morning to11:30 am. A yellow alert has been issued for Haa Alifu to Baa Atolls in the early hours of morning today, with rainstorms and thunderstorms foreseen in these atolls.

In light of these developments, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has published a guideline to cope with possible outcomes of the weather. They have urged the public to take preventive measures to protect valuable goods and property. These include preparing for possible water surges and flooding by barricading households via piling cement packets and other barriers.

In the case of flooding, shift damage-prone goods to higher places and move heavier items to places that will be safe from water flooding. Since strong gusts are forecasted, secure rooftops with strong ropes and do the same for all objects that might be supplanted by the wind. In addition to this, ensure all electric appliances are switched off when not in use.

For those who are travelling by sea in this climate, please look out for possible weather changes before departing. While travelling, make certain that safety precautions such as life jackets are present on the vessel and confirm that a good communication system is on board.