Dhiraagu has Officially Launched High-Speed Fiber at Dh.Rinbudhoo Island

Dhiraagu Home Fibre Broadband packages have been developed to cater to different customer segments, and Dh.Rinbudhoo residents can now choose from a wide range of Dhiraagu Home Fibre Broadband packages as a result of this service expansion. They can also take advantage of the largest data packages with the fastest speeds on the market to improve their digital experience.
Residents of Rinbudhoo were offered a special promotion that included a FREE connection and a FREE ONT router with every Home Fibre Broadband connection. Dhiraagu continues to play an important role in enriching people's lives and empowering them by fostering strong, inclusive digital communities.
Dhiraagu high-speed Fibre Broadband service is now available to 85 percent of national households as a result of continued investments, making their lives easier, smarter, and more rewarding. Our Fibre Broadband network is the country's largest high-speed data network, providing an unrivaled experience to communities across 89 islands.