Hajj & Umrah Screening Packages Now Available at Tree Top Hospital!

Hajj and Umrah health screening packages are now available at Tree Top Hospital as per a press released by them. These packages have been designed to satisfy the demands of travelers performing Hajj and Umrah, as well as meet the medical needs of pilgrims both before and after their travels.
Before traveling, its necessary to consult a doctor to ensure their health and ability to execute the rites. Furthermore, most pilgrims experience significant health problems after their journey, necessitating a check-up. A preliminary medical check-up and a post-medical check-up are included in the TTH Hajj and Umrah Health Screening package. Guests have the option of choosing either one or both.
The services included in these packages are based on HPA, Saudi Arabian government, and TTH Family Medicine Consultant standards. Tree Top Hospital is dedicated to providing their patients with the best clinical treatment possible. To provide the most up-to-date services, their experienced and highly qualified specialists combine a wide range of interests and knowledge. Please call 3351610 or email care@treetophospital.com for further information.