STO Receives The Seal Of Approval For Energy Efficient Appliances

Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Technology has issued a press release announcing the very first company to receive their seal of approval for Hakathari Permit. Hakathari Label, the project that was implemented under the project, Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI), is aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency in the building sector.

The very first company/organization to receive this seal of approval is non-other than, State Trading Organization. By receiving this label, the customers of STO will now get an additional guarantee of their products being energy sufficient and environmentally friendly. The products approved as of now are Air Conditioners of 6 different models.

The Hakathari label displays information about the appliance with a star rating from 1 – 5 and the annual energy consumption of the air conditioners as well as other model specific details. The more the stars, the higher the efficiency level. The approved products imported by STO will be receiving a star rating from 4-5, giving the customers more assurance for their products.

As per the Ministry, the Hakathari program in being implemented on a voluntary basis, meaning importers should first get themselves registered under this program to get approval in order to affix the label onto the appliances. As of now, the Hakathari label is only available for Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and Washing Machines. The importers are also instructed by the Ministry to ensure the label is as per the specified list given by the Ministry in order to qualify for Hakathari Program.

By being the first company to receive such a label, STO keeps climbing to the top of the market, assuring more customers of their loyalty for high quality products and services the company has to offer.