BML Makes Banking Effortless for the Islanders of Dhigurah with New Self-Service Banking ATM

Bank of Maldives Plc (BML) actively works towards including the geographically separated islands of Maldives into one banking network. In this regard, BML has taken a step towards providing the island community of Dhigurah in Alif Dhaal Atoll with the latest digital banking services to enhance their banking experiences by ensuring easy access to its services through the establishment of a new self-service banking ATM in the island.

The newly installed ATMs will be accessible for its customers on a 24/7 basis. BML reports that ATM will be equipped with the most updated security features ensuring safe and secure transactions for all customers. Individuals and businesses registered with the bank can fulfill their needs of cash withdrawals, cash deposits and cash transfers from this ATM.

(Photo Credit: BML)

Prior to the establishment of this self-service banking ATM in the island of Dhigurah, the Bank was operating another self-service banking ATM in Mahibadhoo and one of its branches in addition to a self-service banking ATM at Maamigili in Alif Dhaal Atoll.

BML is the largest local bank operating in the country at present consisting of 38 branches across 20 atolls, 63 self-service banking centers and 126 ATMs. 

(Cover Photo: BML)