Speed Up Your Businesses With SuperNet Business Plans By Ooredoo Maldives

SuperNet Fixed Broadband Connection Services by the local telecommunication company, Ooredoo Maldives, is renowned for its thrilling speeds, allowance and attractive data packages. The service is not solely limited to individuals; it has also been extended to businesses in which the Company has introduced all new SuperNet Business Plans, just yesterday. 

According to the Company, the introduction of new plans is with the growing number of local Small and Medium Enterprises in mind. It aims to be the “main drive of success” for these business models. They pledge to provide high-speed internet with higher usage allowance at lower prices with striking booster plans. Currently, a total of 4 packages are offered by Ooredoo Maldives under this plan being; SuperNet Business 100M, SuperNet Business 200M, SuperNet Business 500M and SuperNet Business Unlimited. If you ever come across a situation where the main subscribed package has been exhausted, you can choose and activate add-ons specifically formulated under the business plan with a validity period until the end of the billing cycle of the main package. All business customers can manage their packages and add-on by registering to SuperNet Business Self-care.

If in need of more assistance in speeding up your businesses with Ooredoo Maldives, the Company requests you to place calls at 211, email to ooredoo.business@ooredoo.mv or request a call from its business team.