Additional Services By Maldives Immigration Set to be Available at Your Fingertips Soon

Living in an era of digitalization, we welcome adaptations from non-digital means to modernized solutions with open arms. Many of the Maldivian government authorities are presently in the midst of this process. For an example, Maldives Immigration launched their digital platform ‘Imuga’ earlier this year to cater its services at greater convenience to its customers.

At present, ‘Imguga’ allows locals to apply for their passports online for which will further assist you in completing the required payment for it digitally as well. The platform will also allow travelers – local and foreign – arriving in Maldives to submit their self-declarative health declaration mandated by the health authorities in the light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Starting from 15th November, Maldives Immigration will be adding the following services to this list as stated below;

·      Applications for all types of visas with exception of Work Visa and submission of sponsorship declaration 
·      Submission of letters and other documents by Companies and Individuals in relation to any matters pertaining to the work carried out by Maldives Immigration
·      Sign-on and sign-off service for sea vessels including crew transfer service

Maldives Immigration notes that they will not be accepting email applications for any of the aforesaid service consequent to its provision through ‘Imuga’. You can explore this digital masterpiece through this link.