Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts Can Finally Engage in Outdoor and Contact Sports in Male’ City!

The COVID-19 situation has impacted different people in different ways. For athletes and sports enthusiastic, the movement restrictions initially imposed at the Male’ City meant having to completely cease their engagement in all kinds of sports. It was not particularly any good news to them when movement restrictions were eased as health authorities were still very hesitant to permit persons from engaging in sports in order to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. The good news came when authorities allowed professional athletes to practice under a special permit. Indoor sports and contactless sports were also allowed to resume eventually.

We are here today with even better news. As part of relaxing the safety measures in motion owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has given permit to engage in outdoor sports and contact sports. Nonetheless, they note that only 15 persons will be allowed at a time for viewing of the sport in question.

As of yet, authorities have still not given authorization to conduct sports related competitions.
Apart from this, HPA has relaxed a few other safety measures in motion too. In this regard, the curfew hours imposed in the Male’ City has been reduced to from 12am and 4am. Parks will now be open for the public as well.