Updates from ADK Through Covid19

It is no secret that another wave of the pandemic has crashed into the Maldives. Hence, with it, came changes that are a necessity for the safety of everyone. ADK Hospital has recently once again taken extra precautions against Covid19.

For these precautions, ADK Hospital has made the decision to stop allowing visitation to inpatients, which has been effective from 22nd January of this year. In addition to this, as more and more of their employees are being quarantined day by day, ADK asks the people to be patient with them and to cooperate with them.

ADK was a small clinic that was registered under the name Mediclinic back in 1987 with the great aspiration of success and to be number one in their business. Although the clinic was small, the commitment of the Group’s founders Mr. Ahmed Nashid and Late Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, and the dedication of the clinic’s first doctor, Dr. R.J.C Pandian, made it one of the most sought-after health care services in Male’. During the five years that followed, the services of the clinic were expanded and improved to meet the demand of the clinics’ clients. In 1992 the service was named ADK Medical Center. In 1992 the service was named ADK Medical Center.