More Exciting Prepaid COMBO – Night Allowance

The telecom company has introduced an all-new promo that allows their Dhiraagu Prepaid Combo customers to enjoy additional FRR ‘Night Allowance’ data.

This new promo allows Dhiraagu Prepaid Combo users to enjoy all-inclusive data plans together with more data by activating a Prepaid Combo plan. The newly introduced ‘Night Allowance’ can be used between 1 AM to 7 AM and during this period, ‘Night Allowance’ will be used first for all data needs.

It is the perfect opportunity for customers to get more without spending and users will be able to take advantage of all the perks, FREE of charge, for streaming, chat, and social media with just one simple activation.

The users that are eligible for this new promo are Dhiraagu Prepaid and Salhi Prepaid customers. Every customer can enjoy the special perks portfolio that has been designed to cater to those who are looking for different uses such as chat, social media, streaming. In addition to this Dhiraagu has stated that they will be bringing further enhancements to the portfolio by catering to even more customer segments.

They can activate the all-inclusive Combo plans for as low as MVR 250 per month.

To activate, they can either SMS to 343 with the Keyword, or do the process through the Dhiraagu App.