Latest Updates for Covid19

For the first time in 8 months, the Maldives has once again reached the point where over a thousand positive results for the covid19 virus were reached. With the exact number being 1209 new cases by the end of day, January 16, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the virus is once again running wild across the country.

Statistics show that the Greater Male’ Area (GMA) is showing the most positive results and it's no wonder why. With the increase of population in and around the capital city, the virus would have a much easier time to spread from person to person as people are packed so close to one another in any area of GMA.

With this, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is again asking the public to maintain and practice precautionary measures, such as;
·       Avoiding crowded places
·       Avoiding close-contact settings
·       Avoiding confined and enclosed spaces
·       Keeping your contact bubble as small as possible

Anyone who has Covid19 like symptoms are to visit a flu clinic, get tested, and stay isolated till they get negative results back.