More Than Two Decades of Selfless Contribution to the Diabetic Community in the Maldives – Story of Aishath Shiruhana, CEO of DSM

When she applied for an open position as an Admin Executive at the Diabetes Society of Maldives (then Diabetic and Cancer Society of Maldives) in 2001, little did Aishath Shiruhana know that this will eventually become an inseparable part of her life.  
Back in the day, Shiruhana herself had little knowledge of diabetes and its prominence in the Maldivian society. Many went on with their lives with little knowledge of whether they have the condition or not, and how it impacts their lifestyle. A lot of work had to be put in initially by the NGO to create awareness, encourage people to test for diabetes and teach proper lifestyle adjustments to live with the condition.  
Shiruhana recalls the immense effort she put in to DSM as a leading member of the NGO. She appreciates being given the opportunity by her mentors to design and execute different projects with the team. The independence allowed Shiruhana to explore and network with stakeholders of the health sector locally, and get support from international NGOs for various projects.