Close to 1000 Cases in 24 Hours, HEOC Says Working on Increasing Capacity to Fight the Wave

There is enough capacity to facilitate 100 patients admitted at a single time in the Greater Male Region, states HEOC amid rising positive cases.  
Speaking to local media, Commissioner of Quality Assurance, Thasleema Usman states that HEOC is in constant monitoring and discussion of suitable measures to be put in place given the ongoing pandemic situation. She emphasized that response capacity is as much an important factor as lowering the curve when it comes to making decisions.  
On January 15, Maldives recorded 954 positive cases, more than 500 of which were located in the Greater Male Region. Total Covid19 cases in the Maldives has reached 102,372, an alarming sum.  
HPA has reinforced strict measures for the public to follow at all times.