Hope for Moms – Let's Help Aisha’s Family to A Better Future

Being able to give someone hope for the future is an underrated superpower. MOMS is an NGO that harnesses this superpower into helping mothers in our society provide a better life for their families.  
Hope for Moms fundraising campaign by MOMS select vulnerable families that need immediate attention to bettering their lives. Generous contributors assist in collecting support they need to fulfil their daily needs in the long term. 
Aisha and her 4 children are currently living in a worn-down house that must undergo intense renovation to be accepted as a standard living facility. Aisha can barely provide for the family of five, and MOMS is on a mission to change this situation for her.  
Even the smallest contribution could go a long way here. All you need to do is message MOMS official page and get to know how you can contribute. Financial aid can be forwarded via the official BML account of MOMS – 7730000294482.  
Foodies is contributing to this mission too, by donating MVR 1 from every order made through the app. So, go ahead, let’s complete this mission! 

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