HPA Updates Quarantine Period for Positive Cases and Their Contacts

Number of positive Covid19 cases in the Maldives are on the rise for the past week, and the Health Protection Agency has urged the public to take sufficient measures to stop the spread. Revised quarantine periods have been announced, following a request to update your information to the agency if you test positive.  
In order to cut down delays in informing positive cases, HPA has requested the public to check their sample status on the CovidSafe portal. If tested positive, you must email you information (name, ID number, contact number and address, medical condition if any) to ct@health.gov.mv A list with the same details must also be submitted of those who have been in direct contact with the case.  
The revised quarantine period for those who test positive is now 7 days from sample submission day. If no further symptoms are shown on day 7, no further testing is required for release. However, if you are going back to work in a key area (office, school, health facility, etc) you must submit a negative antigen test upon completion of quarantine.  
Direct contacts of fully vaccinated positive cases are to quarantine for 10 days from the last day of contact. No release testing is required upon completion.  
However, if informed by HPA to quarantine, you can do a PCR test on day 6 and be released from quarantine if your test is negative. This only applies to those who are isolating completely separately from the positive cases.  
Direct contacts of those positive cases who have not completed two jabs of vaccination are to quarantine for full 14 days from the day of last contact. A mandatory release PCR test must be done at the end of quarantine which must be negative for a release.  
Even while in quarantine, if you are experiencing more difficulties, seek urgent medical assistance and inform HPA on their hotline 1676.