Should Maldives Join the OACPS? President Seeks Approval of Parliament

The Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) is an organization formed under the Georgetown Agreement in 1975 with the aim of promoting sustainable development, poverty reduction and ensuring greater integration of member nations in the world economy. There are currently 79 members in the organization.  
In a sitting with members of the Parliament of Maldives, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced his decision to become a member of OACPS. He sought approval from the members on this decision, and deliberated on the paper submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Cabinet session.  
As a member of OACPS, Maldives has great scope of strengthening its existing relationships with the African, Caribbean and Pacific nations. Along these lines, Maldives will gain the opportunity to play a larger role at international forums on important issues such as climate change, and secure funding for development projects.  
Maldives will have an advantage over improving corporation with the European Union institutions on discussions regarding ease of negotiations for better prices for Maldivian fish exports and to obtain Schengen visas for travel. 
As of now, Maldives is the only small island nation with the status of a ‘Developing Nation’ that is currently not a member of OACPS.