Travel Restrictions Reimposed by HPA Amid Rise in Cases, New Rules to Follow While Outside

In light of the sudden surge of Covid19 cases observed in the Maldives in the past two weeks since the discovery of new variant of Covid19 – Omicron, Health Protection Agency has re-imposed travel restrictions effective today. 
According to the new rules and regulations, all travellers departing from the Greater Male’ region (Male’, Hulhumale, Villimale) are mandated to carry a NEGATIVE PCR Test while travelling. The test must be done no longer than 72 hours prior to departure. The result must be shown on the ‘CovidSafe’ portal. 
If the traveller has not completed vaccination (14 days past the administration of the second doze), they must undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arriving at the destination as approved on the ‘Haalubelun’ portal. A release PCR Test must be done on the 15th day which must be negative in order for the person to be released from quarantine. Children who are not eligible for vaccination are exempted from this rule.  
Wearing a mask has been mandated in all local islands as a measure to curb further spreads. More than 50 people are not allowed to gather together in the Greater Male’ Region. Furthermore, spectators are not allowed in sports competitions either until further notice.  
Omicron is a fast spreading mutant of Covid19 virus which has led to pandemic situation worsening in major parts of the world. If we are to refrain from further restrictions being put in place and disrupting the new normal, we must all take preventive measures to control the spread of the virus among us. Wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing, wear a mask at all times, and stay indoors as much as possible.