The End to a 32-Year Long Wait of Islanders of Komandoo, Sh. Atoll

The power network system on local islands have travelled on a slow road to progress in the past years. Given our geography, a number of challenges were always in the way of old powerhouse buildings and generators being upgraded to modern, sustainable solutions.  
However, established with an aim to benchmark utility services provided in the local communities of Maldives, Fenaka Corporation Ltd set on its ambitious task to provide smarter solutions in the islands. In this regard, Fenaka has made history in the island of Komandoo in Sh. Atoll. 
On 5.43 p.m. on January 7, 2022, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih gracefully switched off the old generator at the power house on the island. This event was facilitated by Fenaka having completed work on the relocation and upgrade of the power network and building of the new power house away from the residential area of the island. 
The old power house located within the residential area on the island has caused noise pollution for years, which has forced islanders in the neighborhood to severe health problems. Switching it off will allow them a peaceful night’s sleep for the first time in many of their lives.  
The newly set up 600-megawatt generator will more than conveniently supply for the 1.3-megawatt power demand on the island.  
 President took a tour of the new facility after the special ceremony held for the event. He was accompanied by Managing Director of Fenaka, Ahmed Saeed Mohamed.