Fenaka Introduces Home Solar Program

Fenaka Cooperation has been assigned a MVR 20 million investment as a revolving fund from the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology. It is estimated that 1000 households will be able to acquire solar power using this investment.
Homeowners who would like to apply for this program will first have to submit the home solar program application form along with a net metering form to Fenaka Cooperation Ltd. Applicants will have to communicate a list of information to the cooperation following a survey by Fenaka to assess the situation of the home, to see how they would go about installation, figure out what materials they would need for it, as well as make sure the measurements given to are accurate.
Upon approval to go ahead, panels will be installed by technicians. Materials which are needed by each household are sent to their respective island. PV system is installed and tested. Then all that is left is for the homeowners to use the system and notify the Fenaka billing department.