You Are Not Alone in Your Battle Against Cancer

Cancer – the word itself is scary. While more of us are becoming aware of cancer and how to deal with it, we shall not forget about those who are battling against it every day in our society. No one can really explain how it feels to go through this experience, the courage it takes, how to face loss, and survive. It's not only the patients who are affected, their caregivers are as much a part of the battle too.  
Cancer Support Group came together in February of 2016 with an aim of providing psychosocial support to cancer patients and their families. Everyone needs guidance and support mentally and physically when dealing with cancer as no two cases are the same. Therefore, CSG has created a safe space for its members, including patients, survivors, and caregivers to share their experiences and establish a support system.  
Every Tuesday, meetings take place among members, either physically or virtually. By learning from those who have gone through similar situations, members can get guidance on how to better adjust to the treatments. Sharing stories also include a lot of advice on how to embrace the journey best you can, and prepare for side effects, change in lifestyle, and more.  
Join hands in helping yourselves and others in their battle against cancer. Call 7505500 to join Cancer Support Group and find strength from others.