Dhiraagu Contributes 2022 Calendar to the Golden Year of Tourism in the Maldives

Calendars are a big part of celebrating the new year and we are always on the lookout for something unique to decorate our homes and work spaces with. This year too, Dhiraagu did not disappoint with their creative calendar for 2022.  
The 2022 calendar of Dhiraagu highlights the Golden Year of Tourism in the Maldives, a milestone of growth and prosperity in the country. Each month commits to an ambitious goal for tourism. One of the first copies of the spectacular calendar was gifted to Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom.  
Appreciating the gesture, Minister stated that Dhiraagu plays a monumental role as a partner of local tourism. Without the telecommunication services provided by Dhiraagu, it would have been impossible to take the Maldives beyond its borders and to every corner of the world, said Minister.  
Setting the theme of the calendar to match with the theme of this celebratory year amplifies the relationship Dhiraagu maintains with the industry. Chief Commercial Officer of Dhiraagu, Ali Riyaz stated that this is a token of appreciation for everyone involved in the hospitality and tourism industry of the Maldives for their continued and excellent services.