Circular Released Establishing The Lowest Minimum Wage Amount

The National Pay Commission and the Civil Service Commission held a joint press conference with the Finance Ministry on December 29th, addressing the new circular released in regards to the Minimum Wage Allowance.
Minimum Wage Allowance that was established to provide minimum wage to civil servants starting from 2022, will be fixed based on the ranks of the worker. The maximum wage allowance amount to be received will be MVR 1,917.00 as per the circular released by the Finance Ministry.
Civil Service Commission announced the minimum wage allowance will be incremented for 11,828 civil servants as below. 

  • The pay of 5,928 civil servants will be incremented by MVR 1,500.00 
  • The pay of 4,184 civil servants will be incremented between MVR 1,000.00 - MVR 1,500.00. 
  • The pay of 1,288 civil servants will be incremented between MVR 500.00 - MVR 1,000.00.
  • The pay of 430 civil servants will be incremented below MVR 500.00.

Speaking in regards to the establishment of the allowance, the Director-General of Civil Service Commission, Abdulla Saeed stated the changes to be implemented in the salaries of the civil servants before the mid of January 2022.