Pave Your Way to Success with Business Management Courses from Clique College

A degree in Business Management opens up career pathways in business settings across various industries. The core learnings can be applicable to different roles in businesses and corporations internationally, further allowing the students to set up their career anywhere in the world.  
Clique College is a great place to start your academic journey. The college offers a versatile array of specialization pathways alongside their Business Management programs. From choices such as Human Resources to Marketing, this popular course comes with great flexibility and advantages when pursued from Clique.  
Clique understands the competitive business world and prepares its courses around meticulously curated study materials that have been proven to produce promising graduates. Whilst horning students’ abilities in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the various business functions of companies, theoretical aspects pertaining to operations, marketing, finance, and office management among others are carefully delivered within the course modules. Further assistance is provided in structured learning opportunities through regular workshops, mentoring and trainings during the course. These opportunities are great to utilize in building a professional network early on. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or work with notable business entities, your skillset and education from the program will give you the freedom to excel.  
Business Management courses at Clique College are covered under the Government’s Free Degree Program. This means that following the first year of the course for FREE, your monthly payments will be as low as MVR 660 for the second year, and MVR 1310 for the last year. With flexible online learning courses, students can reap the benefits of staying in full time employment while studying. 
Find the most flexible solutions to work your way up to achieving your dreams with Clique College. Many opportunities are presented on networking with industry leaders during career guidance sessions organized by the college, and students also have the freedom to execute their learnings in becoming an entrepreneur or with notable business entities.  
Applications for January intake is now open so go ahead and APPLY NOW! Do not hesitate to give a call to 7728019 to have a chat on whether this is the right choice for you.