Become An Agent For STO To Distribute Their Branded Products

State Trading Organization is known for their commitment in including small businesses for their enterprise arrangements. The include for small businesses comes from the enterprises’ aim to help them grow and thrive during the hard times of the pandemic.
The organization has recently announced their requirement for agents who will distribute People’s Choice Branded products across the local shops in the country. The applications have been opened from December 27th onward, and will be accepted until the deadline of 31st January 2022 – 2pm.
The application is opened for all islands in Maldives, with the aim of providing STO’s products easily for the residents in each island. The agents that will be selected should be a registered and operating company in Ministry of Economic Development. Online shops will also be accepted.
To apply, please download the form, STO People’s Choice Agent form and submit to or through STO counters in their super-mart wholesale centers. For more information please contact 7291124 or STO’s hotline, 1422.