Ankit Tiwari Makes His Way To Maldives For New Year Show!

Count down to the New Year begins as the Minister of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment announces the return of the New Year Show that is annually carried out in the Greater Male’ Area.
This year, the show returns with a bang as the famous Indian Singer, Ankit Tiwari makes his way to the Maldives, to welcome 2022 with the Maldivians! Event is set to take place at Hulhumale’ Running Track from 8:30pm onward.

Ankit Tiwari needs no introduction as the Bollywood singer is loved by many Maldivians. The singer hit to fame with his song ‘Sunn Raha Hai’ in which he composed and sang, taking the charts by a storm! The song is still heard from across Maldives.
He later composed, ‘Galliyan’ in which he even took home nominations, a major win as the ‘Best Male’ Playback Singer’ award, making Ankit the first singer to win the award other than Arjit Singh from 2014 to 2020.
So catch the touching feels and experience the singer’s electrifying performance this new year’s! The event organized by the Youth Ministry is in association with Dhiraagu, Maldivian, Fenaka Corporation, MTCC, MPL, MWSC, STELCO and STO.