Dhiraagu Becomes Main Partner For National Quran Recitation Competition

Together with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the National Centre for the Holy Quran, Dhiraagu has signed on as the Main Partner for the upcoming 34th National Quran Recitation Competition.
Over the years, the company has been a major supporter of the National Quran Competition.
This year, nearly 1700 people from Atoll Councils, Schools, Quran Classes, Colleges, Universities, Club Associations, and locals living abroad will compete in 12 distinct categories.
Every year, the competition is held to encourage individuals of all ages from across the country to get together to learn and improve their ability to recite the Holy Quran fluently. The competition instills good discipline as well as religious morals.
Dhiraagu continues to fund programs and events that promote Islamic principles and help to raise a generation proud of their faith.