Stay Safe From The Hazy Atmosphere In Maldives!

The seasonal winds transporting aerosols from the Himalayan foothills in India, across the Bay of Bengal has caused a major haze in the atmosphere of Maldives. Usually visible to the eye, the current air quality is poor due to this change.
According to a statement released by the Meteorological Service, apart from the reduced air quality, poor visibility mostly in the northern and central regions of Maldives is expected until the end of March.
The hazy conditions are likely to cause irritation for individuals with respiratory sensitivity, hence precautions for such individuals are highly suggested. Additionally, the MET office has also suggested to take proper measures while harvesting and using rainwater during the mentioned period.

MET Office has also highlighted that on normal conditions, the atmosphere in Maldives usually has 10km of visibility however due to the recent weather changes, the visibility has dropped down to 4km to 5 km in central and northern atolls of Maldives.
If you suffer from poor respiration, please wear a proper mask to avoid the inhalation of the poor air that has taken over the country. Moreover, if you drink rainwater, it is advised to properly filter the water to avoid getting sick.
Stay safe everyone!