MACL Announces The Closing Of Road & Lagoon On December 22nd

Maldives Airports Company Limited has announced the closing of the below mentioned road and lagoon area in order to prepare for the arrival of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina on December 22nd, 2021.
The roads and lagoon beginning from the northern corner of the International Terminal to the southern corner of the cargo building (as shown in the drawing). Lagoon will be closed for all vessel movements and mooring from 12pm to 4pm. Roads will be closed from 2pm to 4pm for all vehicles.

Pedestrians will be allowed to walk as per the police on-site instructions. However, a brief halt is expected during a certain time. As per the airport’s announcement, the MTCC staff ferry will operate from jetties in front of the international terminal.
The staff bus and MTCC bus will stop at the western parking area. The airport has apologized in advance for any inconvenience that will be caused due to the security halt, however, after 4pm on December 22nd, the normal schedule will be commenced.