It’s Go Time for FSM – Rebranded and Refreshed After 21 Years in Service

Fuel Supplies Maldives came to life in the year 2000. 21 years later, the growing entity has been reborn with fresh branding aimed to boost the continuum of being the number one fuel supplier in the Maldives.  
At present, 97% of the nation is supplied with top quality fuel by FSM. The new logo unveiled at a dedicated ceremony for the event depict this ambitious endeavor. In the shape of a chemical compound of Hydrocarbon, the blue section represents the vast blue seas surrounding the Maldivian islands. Separated by white lines that represent the supply and distribution network of FSM, the orange section represents the many types of fuel available from FSM. The new logo is designed by Publicity Bureau.  
Mohamed Gasam, Managing Director of FSM touched upon the many resilient achievements by the company in the past years. Record-breaking sales and capital investments prior to the world pandemic were disrupted by the unprecedented circumstance. However, he applauded the many efforts by the team and industry stakeholders worldwide. FSM concluded 2020 without having to let go of any team members and without loss either. Reaching the set targets to the company was a notable success.