Build your Teaching Profession with Clique College

Ever wondered if there is anything as rewarding as making a tangible difference in shaping the lives of young people? Well, if your answer is yes, then choosing teaching as a profession can give you a fulfilling answer to your curious mind. Clique College welcomes young minds who are ready to lead lives forward with the love and passion to nurture the future generations.

Clique College provides a variety of opportunities that will lead to the development of those educators who understands the responsibility they are being entrusted with and can allocate the required energy towards this endeavor. It is committed to increase accessibility to professional development in a way that it remains abreast with the requirements of the 21st century. Providing a relevant and practical pathway to becoming a teacher and catering the needs in today’s and tomorrow’s classrooms in a flexible and accessible manner.

Clique College offers Bachelor of Teaching in Primary Education whereby the students get to experience a strong foundation in primary education pedagogy, assessment, inclusive practices and educational theory. It aims to provide those within or wishing to join the education sector with the necessary tools and competences to teach effectively in the primary sector whilst fostering a supportive an inclusive learning environment for all learners. Within this program, learners shall also explore exciting areas of primary pedagogy, integration of ICT in teaching, action-based research, and experience on field.

In addition, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education offered by Clique College equip students a solid foundation on developmentally appropriate practices in effective early childhood care and education. This program culminates with an extensive teaching in areas such as social and emotional development of young children, classroom management, inclusive education in early childhood and many more under the mentorship of highly experienced lecturers.

The College prides itself of an environment which is conducive to learning through its supportive policies and procedures. Clique’s education programs are designed in a manner which gives an added value to individuals who are passionate about children’s learning and the education sector. So there you have it, get ready to transform your dreams of becoming a teacher and experience the most memorable college life.

This article is a contribution of Liusha Hassan - Course Coordinator - Foundation Studies Programs at Clique College.